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Synergy Consultants is the pioneer of organized recruitment services in India, founded in 1994 by Mrs. Neena Sangeet Sharma. We are the leading consultancy in North India and have been consistently delivering excellent results to our clients. We define our success by the results. We provide decisive and dedicated support to our real partners (our clients).

Our goal is to enable your business to reach its full economic potential. We work on innovative programs and to make them actionable by combining creative strategy and analytical approaches. We offer clients a combination of strategy consulting expertise, and a proven track record of delivery, with unrivalled professional growth and career aspirations scale up and experience.
Our highly qualified team of practical doers are committed to help our clients seize essential advantage. We do that by working and solving the toughest problems,critical challenges and helping our clients to capture their greatest opportunities.

We work closely with the top MNC’s and reputed Institutions to create and deliver the essential advantage they need to survive and thrive in a changing world. Our services are grounded in rigorous research and proven practical experience. We stay on the leading edge of what matters most in your world, and maintain close personal connections with the best talent in your field.

Synergy Consultants offers short-term Training Workshop. All are modular in nature and are adaptable to suit the requirement of the customer. Our courses are based on Class-room lectures, discussion on live case studies and Management Simulation Games to enhance the decision-making skill of managers. We can either conduct the courses on the premises of the factory or any site chosen. All core faculties have the rich experience and knowledge required for these development programs.