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Capability building

This training programme will be conducted to encompass integral elements like

“Communication Skills, Soft Skills ,Mannerisms, Personality Development , English Language, and Interviewing Skills.


Our trainings on communication is proven to significantly increase your skills. The emphasis is on verbal communication, listening skills, and non-verbal communication. In today’s workplace environment, communication and training are two important buzz words. Business Writing and Email Writing also play a very crucial role in the communication that takes place in the organization. The most critical element in effective collaboration of different cultures is good communication skills.

• Verbal-communication (includes both spoken and written form)

• Non-Verbal Communication(understanding body language)

• Listening Skills (Active and Passive listening)

Personality Development :

• Provide you with the right mindset required to reach professional success

• Shift the way you think and react to your environment

• Get a deeper understanding of your performance level and the barriers to it

• Help you chalk up an individual development plan to overcome the barriers to your succeed

• Help you understand the components that contribute to your success as an Individual

It is important to understand that we can only perform up to our belief system and never beyond it. In order to perform to our fullest potential we need to understand our interferences / barriers that prevent us from doing so.

Interview Skills :

• How to crack an interview

• Ways to understand the pattern in which you have to answer questions

• Tips on the kind of questions asked generally with contemporary answers.

Apart from all this we will focus on the following key areas as well:

• Showing Self-Confidence

• Never Give-Up

• What is Success?

• Characteristics Essential to Achieving Success

• The Power of Positive Attitude

• Expectations and Self-Efficacy

• Importance of Commitment

• Power of Persistence

• Ways to Motivate Oneself

• Personal Goal Setting